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Motivation Cycle

             People display a vast range of behaviors. And because we do and make extraordinary and amazing acts such as research on aids for a certain kind of disease, explorations like lunar landings, search for historical proofs and treasures and discovery of something in relation about our world. Commonly we do our daily routines like sleeping, drinking and tooth brushing. Why do we behave the way we do? What pulls us to do a particular thing? Why does this behavior occur?
             There are different forms of behavior expected to you and must often live according to these expectations. Behavior is directed toward a particular goal at a particular moment and the achievement of such goal is expected .Therefore, we strive to accomplish the goal to meet the expectations.
              Any action that is taken in order to reach a goal is called motivated behavior (Bower, Bootzin and Zajonc, 1987). Leal (1995) defined motivation as the process that initiates, directs, and sustains behavior while simultaneously satisfying physiological or psychological needs.
            Motivation explains why an organism acts in specific way at a specific time (Worchel and Shebilske, 1995).
            Motivation then, is highly important in understanding the human behavior.


          Our motives have a cyclical nature-they are aroused, trigger behavior, which leads to goal, and after the goal is reached, they are cut off.
         Wants for something is followed by action to attain a certain desire which leads to get the desired thing. A person constantly attempts to please his wants and desires following the cycle: need or necessity, impulse or drive, action, incentive, and satiety or reward. If the need is not satisfied while it is moving in a cycle it has to move again to find the point. Once it is reached then it is over. A need builds up again; individual will go through to the same pattern. The circular pattern is known as the motivational cycle.                
  • Need/Necessity – is any lack or deficiency which is felt by the organism to be inimical to his welfare (Chaplin, 1973). The need produces a drive, which is a state of tension that motivates the organism to act to reduce the tension. The body returns to a more balanced state once the need is satisfied. The tendency of the body to return to, and remain in a more balanced state is known as homeostasis, which is very essential for the human survival. There are two categories of needs: Biological needs (physiological requirements critical to our survival and physical well-being) examples are food, water, air, oxygen, etc. and the Social needs (needs required through learning and experience) in relation to the happiness and well-being of the individual example are the love, power, and etc.
  • Impulse/Drive – a state of tension that motivates the organism to act to reduce the tension and return the body to homeostasis .It energizes the person to act. Drives motivate us to engage in a wide variety of behaviors to satisfy the needs. A drive is the psychological consequences of a need.
  • Action- activity that triggers the individual to achieve something.
  • Incentive- is condition or object that is perceived as satisfier of the need. It is the purpose  that guides the action these are the motivators of behavior. Incentive is a  status at which sustained activity eases. It would be either negative or positive.
  • Satiety/Reward –It is the satisfaction or pleasantness resulting from having obtained the incentive or the desired goal.
  Motivation Cycle

   My Practical Application
Motivation cycle has an application in life.One of the applicationof it is when I have the need to excel and get high grades in elementary and high school.I knew very well that getting high grades is so much important to me for it introduces a lot of privilege and benefits or opportunities to reach my goals in life.The tension that pushes me to act in a certain direction is the impulse-fear to be failed,worried of getting low grades,concerned about the future life of mine.I am anxious about being at the bottom of the class.Appreciation and recognition also moves me to excel .Also proving myself that I have the capacity to step up.Actions that I made to reach and achieved the need or my goals is that I study very hard on my academic subjects ,participates  in oral recitations and class activities,passes all the projects and requirements on time.Bloods and sweats are being shed to full fill my needs.The incentive there is that I got high grades and  graduated with a flying colors. I was be  walked into the stage in high school  with lots of medals.I got a scholarship to support my studies right now.The reward that have been  given to all my endeavors is that I felt great joy, my mom  gave me a cellphone as a reward for  my determination  and excellent performance in school.It brought  a massive happiness to me.

Once a need is achieved,a need builds up again and will go through again in the same circular pattern.

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